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Version: 5.x

Primitive input (INPUT)

The primitive input operator creates an action that requests the client to input a value of a builtin class. The user can cancel the input, for example by pressing the Esc key on the keyboard.

As with other value input operators, this operator allows to:

This operator can only be used in property change event handlers on a form.


The syntax of the primitive input operator is described by the INPUT operator.


changeCustomer (Order o)  {
INPUT s = STRING[100] DO {
customer(o) <- s;
MESSAGE 'Customer changed to ' + s;
MESSAGE 'Customer dropped';

FORM order
OBJECTS o = Order
PROPERTIES(o) customer ON CHANGE changeCustomer(o)

testFile {
INPUT f = FILE DO { // requesting a dialog to select a file
open(f); // opening the selected file