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Version: 6.x

CONCAT operator

The CONCAT operator creates a property that implements a string concatenation.


CONCAT separatorString, concatExpr1, ..., concatExprN


The CONCAT operator creates a property that concatenates values using the separatorString separator. Here, NULL values are skipped and the separator is inserted only between non-NULL values.


  • separatorString

    A string literal to be used as a separator.

  • concatExpr1, ..., concatExprN

    Expressions whose values are to be concatenated.


CLASS Person;
firstName = DATA STRING[100] (Person);
middleName = DATA STRING[100] (Person);
lastName = DATA STRING[100] (Person);

// if some part of the name is not specified, then this part will be skipped along with a space
fullName(Person p) = CONCAT ' ', firstName(p), middleName(p), lastName(p);