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Version: 6.x

GROUP statement

The GROUP statement creates a new property group.


GROUP name [caption] [EXTID extID] [: parentName];


The GROUP statement declares a new property group and adds it to the current module.


  • name

    Group name. Simple ID. The name must be unique within the current namespace.

  • caption

    Group caption. String literal. If the caption is not defined, the name of the group will be its caption.

  • EXTID extID

    Specifying the name to be used to export/import this property group. Used only in the structured view.

    • extId

      String literal.

  • parentName

    Name of the parent group. Сomposite ID. If the name of the parent group is not defined, the System.private group becomes the parent.


GROUP base : root; // The caption of this group will be 'base'
GROUP local 'Local properties'; // The parent group of local will be System.private