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Version: 5.x

GROUP statement

The GROUP statement creates a new property group.


GROUP [NATIVE] name [caption] [EXTID extID] [: parentName];


The GROUP statement declares a new property group and adds it to the current module.

The NATIVE keyword is used in some system modules. It is used to declare individual property groups that are created before the modules are initialized.


  • name

    Group name. Simple ID. The name must be unique within the current namespace.

  • caption

    Group caption. String literal. If the caption is not defined, the name of the group will be its caption.

  • EXTID extID

    Specifying the name to be used to export/import this property group. Used only in the structured view.

    • extId

      String literal.

  • parentName

    Name of the parent group. Сomposite ID. If the name of the parent group is not defined, the System.private group becomes the parent.


GROUP base : root; // The caption of this group will be 'base'
GROUP local 'Local properties'; // The parent group of local will be System.private