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Version: 6.x

Domain logic

Properties are the basic concept for business logic and are responsible for storing and calculating data.

An important feature of properties is that they do not change the data in the system in any way – for this, the platform has actions.

Actions answer the question of what to do, but do not answer the question of when to do it. To define such moments, the platform has events.

As a rule, the business logic does not allow just any data changes: only changes subject to certain rules. The platform uses constraints to define these rules.

Accordingly, the summary table for all elements of the business logic is as follows:

System elementsAnswer the questionCharacter
PropertiesWhat to store and calculatestatic / declarative
ActionsWhat to dodynamic / imperative
EventsWhen to dodynamic / imperative
ConstraintsWhat can be donestatic / declarative


ClassesAggregationsSimple constraintsConstraintsSimple eventsEventsActionsPropertiesCalculated events