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Version: 4.x

TABLE statement

The TABLE statement creates an new table.


TABLE name(className1, ..., classNameN) [FULL | NODEFAULT];


The TABLE statement declares a new table and adds it to the current module.


  • name

    Table name. Simple ID. The name must be unique within the current namespace.

  • className1, ..., classNameN

    List of class names. Each name is a class ID. Specifies classes for the key fields of the table being created. Cannot be empty,

  • FULL

    The keyword that, when specified, marks the table as full (that is, containing all objects belonging to the classes of the table's key fields).


    The keyword that, when specified, excludes the table from the process of automatic property table determining.


TABLE book (Book);

in = DATA BOOLEAN (Sku, Stock);
TABLE skuStock (Sku, Stock); // it will store the in property

price = DATA NUMERIC[10,2] (Sku, DATE);
TABLE skuDate (Sku, DATE); // it will store the Sku property

TABLE sku (Sku) FULL;