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Version: 4.x


Navigator is a hierarchical structure (tree) consisting of navigator elements. There are three types of navigator elements:

  • folder - combines other navigator elements into a group. Selecting this element affects the display of its children if they belong to another window.
  • action – executes a specified action. Only actions that take no arguments can be added to the navigator.
  • formopens a specified form in the interactive view and the asynchronous mode.

When an element is added to the navigator, a parent element is defined for it. The root element of the navigator is the System.root folder.

If no navigator elements are displayed in a particular navigator folder, this folder is automatically hidden.

Just as an interactive form view, the navigator is displayed in a 2D space: on the user's device screen. Therefore, it's design can/has to be defined, as well as for all other graphic views.


To manage the navigator use the NAVIGATOR statement.


FORM items;
FORM stocks;
FORM legalEntities;
FORM shipments;
hello() { MESSAGE 'Hello world'; }
hi() { MESSAGE 'Hi'; }

// creating a new navigator folder and making all its descendants appear in a window with a vertical toolbar
NEW FOLDER catalogs 'Directories' WINDOW toolbar {
// creating a form element for the items form in the folder, the default element name is the form name
NEW items;
catalogs { // navigator element editing statement
// creating a stocksNavigator form element for the stocks form and adding the last element
// to the catalogs folder
NEW FORM stocksNavigator 'Warehouses' = stocks;
// creating a form element named legalEntities in the catalogs folder right after the items element
NEW legalEntities AFTER items;
NEW shipments;
// creating another folder, the elements of which will also be displayed in a window with a vertical toolbar
NEW FOLDER documents 'Documents' WINDOW toolbar {
// the folders themselves will be displayed in the root window, and when the user selects one of them
// in a window with a vertical toolbar the descendants of this particular folder will be shown
NEW ACTION hi; // creating an action element
NEW ACTION h=hello; // creating an action element
// the statement to move the shipments element from the catalogs folder to the document folder
// before the hello element
MOVE shipments BEFORE h;