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Version: 4.x


How to read these sections

  1. Computations: The mechanism for composing computable properties.

  2. GUI: Development of a graphical user interface.

  3. Imperative logic: Development of actions, events, and constraints.

  4. Declarative logic: Development of constraints and aggregations, and also inheritance of custom classes.

  5. Searching for elements: Description of the mechanisms of calling certain system elements from other elements.

  6. Extensions: Extension of the functionality of declared system elements.

  7. Integration: Description of interactions with 3rd party systems.

  8. Metaprogramming: The mechanism for generating reusable code based on metacode.

  9. Physical model: Definition of a scheme for storing data in a relational database.

  10. Internationalization: Description of the naming rules for system elements in different languages.

  11. Use Cases: Common use cases.