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Version: 4.x

EMAIL operator

The EMAIL operator creates an action that sends email.


EMAIL [FROM fromExpr] 
[SUBJECT subjExpr]
recipientType1 recipientExpr1
recipientTypeN recipientExprN
[BODY bodyExpr]
ATTACH attachFileExpr1 [NAME attachNameExpr1]
ATTACH attachFileExprM [NAME attachNameExprM]


The EMAIL operator creates an action that sends emails.

It is assumed that the file extension is not specified in the attachment name, i.e. period . is also considered part of the file name. This extension is automatically determined similar to the WRITE operator.


  • fromExpr

    An expression which value determines the sender address.

  • subjExpr

    An expression which value determines the email subject.

  • recipientType1 ... recipientTypeN

    Recipient types. N>=1. Each of them is specified by one of the keywords:

    • TO - message recipient
    • СС - secondary message recipient to whom a copy is sent
    • BCC - message recipient whose address is not shown to other recipients
  • recipientExpr1 ... recipientExprN

    Expressions which values determine the addresses of the message recipients.

  • bodyExpr

    An expression which value is the mail body. Can be either a string or file type.

  • attachFileExpr1 .... attachFileExprM

    Expressions which values are files attached to the message.

  • attachNameExpr1 ... attachNameExprM

    An expression which values determine the names of the attachments.


FORM remindUserPass
PROPERTIES(u) READONLY login, name[Contact]

emailUserPassUser 'Login reminder' (CustomUser user) {
LOCAL bodyFile = FILE ();
PRINT remindUserPass OBJECTS u = user HTML TO bodyFile;
SUBJECT 'Login reminder'
TO email(user)
BODY bodyFile();

justSendEmail 'Send letter' () {
stringToFile('<font color=#FF0000 size=+3>big red text</font>');
SUBJECT 'Letter subject'
TO ''
BODY resultFile();