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Version: 4.x

Type conversion

The type conversion operator creates a property that converts an object of one built-in class to an object of another built-in class. If type conversion is not possible, the property value will be NULL.

String and file types

String types can be converted to human-readable file types (CSVFILE, XMLFILE, JSONFILE, HTMLFILE, etc.), and vice versa - human-readable file types can be converted to string types.


Converting dynamic-type files (FILE) to strings and vice versa is prohibited in the current implementation, but if necessary this can be done via an intermediate human-readable type - for example, by first converting to CSVFILE, and only then to FILE (the resulting file will have the extension CSV)


To implement conversion, the type conversion operator is used.


itemCount = DATA INTEGER (Store);
itemCountToString(s) = BPSTRING[10](itemCount(s));

barcode = DATA STRING[15] (Item);
longBarcode(Item i) = LONG(barcode(i));