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Version: 5.x

How-to: Form extension

Let's assume there is a module that describes the Sku form that is used to edit SKU values:


CLASS Sku; // declaring class Sku

name 'Name' = DATA BPSTRING[100] (Sku); // creating a name property for it

FORM sku 'Sku' // creating the Item form
OBJECTS s = Sku PANEL // adding a product object and making it display exactly one copy
PROPERTIES(s) name // adding the product name property to the form


DESIGN sku {
// creating a new container in a standard container right after
// this container will be the tab panel, where tabs with product properties can be added
NEW skuDetails AFTER BOX(s) {
type = TABBED;
fill = 1; // let it expand to the whole form

We need to implement additional functionality for adding multiple barcodes to an SKU. This can be done by creating a new module that will introduce a new Barcode class and extend the functionality of the Sku edit form by adding the possibility to enter barcodes:

MODULE Barcode;


CLASS Barcode; // declaring a barcode class

id = DATA BPSTRING[13] (Barcode); // creating a property with a barcode number
sku = DATA Sku (Barcode); // creating a barcode link to sku

EXTEND FORM sku // creating the Item form
OBJECTS b = Barcode // adding the barcode object
PROPERTIES(b) id // adding the barcode number to the barcode table
PROPERTIES(b) NEW, DELETE // adding actions to create and delete barcodes
FILTERS sku(b) == s // making that only barcodes of this sku are displayed

DESIGN sku { // expanding the design of the Item form
skuDetails {
// making a container, which contains everything related to barcodes, by a tab in the previously
// created tab panel

Note that the Barcode module assumes that there is a Sku form with an s object and a container called skuDetails. If the form changes for some reason, the Barcode module will become inoperable.