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Version: 5.x

DELETE operator

The DELETE operator creates an action that deletes objects.


DELETE expr [WHERE whereExpr]


The DELETE operator creates an action that deletes objects for which a certain condition is met. This operator can add its local parameter, which will correspond to the objects being iterated. In this case, the WHERE block is mandatory.


  • expr

    An expression or typed parameter. You can either use an already declared parameter as a typed parameter, or declare a new local parameter. When using an expression, new local parameters cannot be added.

  • whereExpr

    An expression whose value is for the action being created. If not set, it is considered as equal to TRUE.


// deleting an object
deleteObject(obj) { DELETE obj; }

// deleting all inactive products
CLASS Article;
active = DATA BOOLEAN (Article);
deleteInactiveArticles() {
// a local parameter a is added corresponding to the objects to be iterated over
DELETE Article a WHERE a IS Article AND NOT active(a);