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Version: 5.x

DATA operator

The DATA operator creates a data property.


DATA [LOCAL [NESTED]] returnClass (argumentClass1, ..., argumentClassN)


The DATA operator creates a data property. This property operator cannot be used inside expressions. The data property can be created local by specifying the keyword LOCAL.

This operator cannot be used in the JOIN operator (inside [ ]), since a name must be specified for the data property.



    A keyword that, when specified, creates a local data property.


    A keyword that, when specified, marks the local property as nested that is, all its changes will be visible in new sessions, and when these sessions are closed, changes to this property will be applied to the current session. Note that this behavior is similar to the behavior of a regular local property (not NESTED) when using the NEWSESSION operator with the specified keyword NESTED LOCAL (or just NESTED if this local property is explicitly specified in the property list).

  • returnClass

    Class ID of the return value of a property.

  • argumentClass1, ..., argumentClassN

    A list of class IDs for property arguments.


quantity = DATA LOCAL INTEGER (Item);

CLASS Country;
isDayOff = DATA BOOLEAN (Country, DATE);